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"A few words about that"
This is a registered area of the website. This means that you need to provide some basic information such as email to gain access (a working email, provide a username) etc.

Due to the nature of the comics, digital novels etc., type genre, artistry or flavour, whatever you want to call it; we wish to hide this content from the normal channels of public view. It is difficult to control who visits this page for whatever reason but the only responsible measure we can enforce.

FURTHER - As a website that attempts to follow events throughout history that may influence society, we also acknowledge that media publications have played a significant role in molding the world in which we live in and for that reason you may not agree with inclusion of this material; remember, that it is "our humanity" that has created and brought this to fruition in the first place and that material found here has been accepted enough by masses to be published in one form or another over the years.

Though we feel that the material may be racy in nature and not mainstream thinking, or simply a form of counterculture, it has been part of the history of society and deserves a rightful place as any historic publication.

Note: All material has been found on the internet and is publicly available, that is why we have it. If you are the copyright owner of the material and wish to remove it from this site, we would be happy to do so.

Thank you, IOH