Burnt River grapples with flooding

Burnt River grapples with flooding

Published: 2019-04-29 | Original Article
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Flooding in the Burnt River and Fenelon Falls area continues, as sandbags are filled for resident pickup at the Burnt River Works Yard. 

Chatted with a number of people about the flooding this year and here is an update. visited the house over the weekend as the water went down and roads to get there made the community accessible.

Water was 18 inches above the cinderblock in the garage with means that any photos you will see would mean that the water would have surrounded any houses and covered the main road in the community.

It’s a mess no one needs right now, this is my place.

Burnt River road coming in off the north end at 121 (we live around there)
Pinery Road closed from Winchester to Burnt River Road
Part of Concession Road 9
Shuttleworth Road (Our Street)
Crooked Court
3rd Road Somerville
9th Concession Burnt River is closed from County Road 121 to #59
Monck Road 45 is closed from Kinmount Road 121 Norland to Hwy 35 due to culvert failure

Top of Driveway - water has receded but was at the top of this road.

Top of road neighbors place.

Usually a gravel driveway but now a pile of muck

Back yard

Left of Driveway this is natural runoff that usually has no water, just a small culvert. 

From the neighbors, you can see the upturned propane.

The river from the side going downstream. 

The Dock by the river is still there, it pays to have built it well, lots of footings but muddy and damage to railings.

Damaged railing on river dock, imagine it was a tree that found its way through.

The fire pit has been replenished with a fresh tree for the fall.

Extra debris from someplace now piled all over. 

Floating dock pieces that have moved around in the fenced yard or else they would have been down the river with everything else and yes they don't belong in front of the now smashed gate that you cant open.

From the house to the road, which by the way was covered in water, that means that everything you see here would have been under water, even the road at the top which you could not get too.

The garage is messy and was difficult to get into.

Junk landing wherever the water receded. 

More plunk

18 inches from the floor to the door, all the Presswood on the walls needs to be cut out of course to prevent wood rot.

Concession 9 - this is usually where run off goes but not today. Go figure, the water is down and it is still climbing the bank.

I might have more images of this when the community was a complete lake and surrounded but I need to visit a few people first that remained. 

No one knows unless it makes the news. The same happened years ago (1991) and may who did not raise their homes then or simply didn't listen to the long-standing residents like ourselves are in a pickle.

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