Did You Notice That These Comic Book Characters Resemble Each Other So Much..?

Did You Notice That These Comic Book Characters Resemble Each Other So Much..?

Published: 2015-10-01 | 
If you're an avid comic book reader, you might have noticed the similarities in the comic book characters in terms of costumes, physical appearance, or abilities. Unless you only read your favorites, then you might have been missed these details before. Check out these below images to know how they resemble each other.

1. Ant-Man and Atom have the same abilities to change sizes from normal to microscopic and vice versa

2. Electro and Black Lightning both have lightning powers.

3. Winged characters Hawkman and Angel's similarities are very noticeable.

4. Green Lantern and Quasar wear accessories that give them powers.

5. Magic is the superpower of Dr. Fate and Dr. Strange.

6. The stretchy Mr. Fantastic, Elongated Man, and Plastic Man can morph into different things.

7. Superheroes Captain Canuck and Guardian are both Canadians.

8. Clayface and Sandman use earth powers to make weapons out of their bodies.

9. Cheetah and Tigra can be considered twins for having the same features and abilities.

10. They may have different race but Wasp and Bumblebee both can shrink and fly.

11. Banshee and Silver Banshee have remarkably lethal sonic screams.

12. Martian Manhunter and Vision look nearly identical and both have telekinesis as one of their several powers.

13. Deadpool and Deathstroke share the same abilities and last name.

14. The power of thunder is what Thor and Captain Marvel have in common.

15. Captain America and Commander Steel are WWII veterans that underwent experiments.

16. Swamp Thing and Man-Thing are like identical twins.

17. Green Arrow and Hawkeye are both skilled archers.

18. Humanoid robots Ultron and Brainiac are both supremely intelligent and bent on destruction.

19. Gladiator, Superman, and Hyperion have the same abilities for speed, strength, leaping tall buildings.

20. Cat Woman and Black Cat are both sneaky thieves with cat-like abilities.

21. Lords of the sea, Aquaman and Namor both have tridents and swimming abilities.

22. Moon Knight and Dark Knight use gadgets and different forms of combat.

23. Ghost Rider and Atomic Skull only look alike but they have different powers.

24. Powerful demi-gods Darkseid and Thanos both want to destroy the world.

25. Masters of magnetism Dr. Polaris and Magneto.

26. The Hulk and Grundy both smash things to pieces.