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Ice on the Moon

Reflections reveal frozen water at the lunar poles. The distribution of surface ice at the Moon’s south pole. Blue represents the ice locations, plotted over an image of the lunar surface. In the darkest...

Comet ISON

Comet ISON also known as Sun grazing comet which originated from the Oort cloud, the edge of the solar system. ISON is also known as comet of this century. It is discovered on 12th September 2012 by two Russian...

Planetary Alignment

The possibility of alignment between planets in the solar system is very rare. Space scientists estimated that there is a rare planetary alignment of Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Moon will occur in...

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Burnt River grapples with flooding

Share  Flooding in the Burnt River and Fenelon Falls area continues, as sandbags are filled for resident pickup at the Burnt River Works Yard.  Chatted with a number of people about the...

Loss of Biodiversity

Biodiversity is yet another casualty due to the impact of human beings on the environment. It is the result of 3.5 billion years of evolution. Habitat destruction is a major cause for biodiversity loss. Habitat...


The population of the planet is reaching unsustainable levels as it faces shortage of resources like water, fuel and food. Population explosion in less developed and developing countries is straining the already...

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The National Museum of Brazil...

Brazil museum fire: ‘incalculable’ loss as 200-year-old Rio institution guttedThe Museu Nacional houses artefacts from Egypt, Greco-Roman art and some of the first fossils found in Brazil.Brazil’s...

9 dead, 16 injured after van...

Nine people are dead and 16 others are injured after a white van struck a number of pedestrians Monday in the Yonge Street and Finch Avenue area of North York in Toronto. One suspect is in custody.  Toronto...

Highway 400 multi-vehicle pileup

A diesel tanker truck exploded just before 11:30 p.m., starting a fire that spread to several other vehicles and sent huge flames and billowing plumes of black smoke into the night sky. Up to 14 vehicles may have...

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Nuclear fusion

If there's a Holy Grail of clean-energy generation, it's nuclear fusion, which promises limitless carbon-free power without producing dangerous nuclear waste. By figuring out how to mimic the same kind of atomic...

Ring Clock - A Ring That Gives You...

What is Ring Clock? Ring Clock is a beautiful marriage of the ring and the watch. You will be rewarded with the time, when you play with this wonderful gadget. Why is it so cool? simple and clean design unique...

Hydrostor Activates World’s First...

Hydrostor has a proprietary Underwater Compressed Air Energy Storage (UCAES) solution that addresses intermittent renewable generation (solar, wind), reserve capacity, peak shaving. The company offers a complete...

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